About NV Sir

Nitin Viijay (NV Sir), an expert in education, is a physics lecturer, a motivational speaker, and an inspiration to young people who want to develop the field of education. He is well-known all around the India as NV Sir or Physics Champion. An IITian who is originally from Kota, Rajasthan, is currently guiding Gen Z IIT/NEET aspirants. NV Sir founded Motion Education, Kota, and is currently its CEO.

NV Sir’s Family

Nv Sir's Family

Nitin Viijay (NV Sir) comes from a modest family; his mother is a home- maker and his father worked in Thermal. NV Sir is praised for maintaining a healthy balance between his professional and personal lives, but this was not something he learned later in life. According to NV Sir's parents and sister, he was a notorious child during his early years. NV Sir never, however, compromised on his academic performance. And even now, there isn't a single day when NV Sir neglects his work or skips spending time with his family.

Life NV Sir Choose For Himself

NV Sir made an effort to offer high-quality education at a reasonable cost. The road to realising his dream, nevertheless, was difficult. NV Sir’s difficulties began as soon as he began studying for the engineering admission exam (Now known as JEE exam). NV Sir planned to enrol in Kota's pioneer institute for engineering entrance test preparation when he was promoted to class XI, just like every other IIT aspirant. However, NV Sir’s unsatisfactory score in the class X board exam stood in his way and prevented him from enrolling in that institute. A middle-class child's access to coaching was further complicated by the expensive tuition.

As it is said, parental trust, encouragement, and a little push can turn setbacks into possibilities down the road. Nitin Viijay Sir's fate had other ideas. Without thinking about the consequences, NV Sir's father took out a high-interest loan to help pay for his education. This motivated NV Sir to perform well in the exam, which led to his admission to IIT-BHU in 2003 and paved the way for NV Sir to enter the teaching profession later.

NV Sir’s Passion For Teaching

Many people are under the impression that Nitin Viijay (NV Sir) chose the education sector as a substitute. But the truth is completely at odds with popular belief. NV Sir began his career in his first year, when he had to travel about 44 kilometres daily to teach in a coaching institution in Banaras. Additionally, NV Sir used his vacation time to take classes in Kota. He made the first significant step in his life by founding Kota Point, independent coaching, in Banaras after realising the importance of education and experiencing affection from his students.

His parents always admired NV Sir's commitment to his students and their education. However, Surendra Sir (NV Sir's father) encouraged him to secure a handsome pay package in order to silence the irrational judgements of society and ensure that no one would ever again question Nitin's (NV Sir's) decision to pursue a career in education. NV Sir was offered job from two top-tier MNCs and one of India's premier coaching institute. But, following his passion of being a teacher, NV Sir made up his decision and was hired as a Physics Teacher at one of Kota's most renowned coaching institutions. It was that very institute that rejected NV Sir’s application to enrol in their programme. But kudos to his diligence and hard work, NV Sir managed to turn the tables.

How NV Sir Started Motion

With a crowd of students both inside and outside his class, Nitin Viijay (NV Sir) rose to the position of most well-liked Physics teacher at that institution. The subject's twists and turns are always indulged in and enjoyed by the students. After receiving encouraging feedback and observing the excitement of the students, NV Sir made the crucial choice to establish a separate institute. Even so, it wasn't a stroll in the park because of the unpredictability of the situation's location and results. However, the quick decision was well received by the students, and with their help, NV Sir was able to find a convenient place to hold classes.

Motion formally established itself on December 7, 2007, Nitin Viijay (NV Sir) discovered on the first day of the project that he needed to move and find a spacious classroom in accordance with the students in NV Sir’s batch. After then, NV Sir, Motion Education Kota, and the students didn't look back and continued paving their path to success. The Motion Education Team is a cohesive group, and Nitin Viijay (NV Sir) always values initiatives that have improved student lives.

NV Sir’s Achievements & Rewards