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Mukul Goyal
Director, Motion Education Chandigarh
Message from Director Sir

Dear Students and Parents,

It is with immense pride and excitement that we announce the inauguration of Motion Education in the vibrant city of Chandigarh. Motion Education has always been synonymous with high-quality education, and our new center in Chandigarh is a testament to our commitment to excellence.

Under the visionary leadership of NV Sir, a renowned Physics faculty and the CEO of Motion Kota, we are bringing a transformative learning experience to Chandigarh. NV Sir’s expertise and guidance have been instrumental in shaping the educational philosophy of Motion Education.

Our center in Chandigarh is unique as it blends traditional teaching methods with advanced Artificial Intelligence technology. This integration ensures personalized learning experiences, making education more effective and engaging. Our AI-driven platforms provide real-time feedback and tailored learning paths for each student, enhancing their understanding and performance.

We are dedicated to nurturing future leaders and innovators. With a comprehensive curriculum designed for NEET and JEE Main and Advanced aspirants, our focus is not just on academic excellence but also on holistic development. Our experienced faculty, coupled with our innovative teaching methods, ensures that each student receives the support and guidance they need to excel.

We promise to uphold the values of quality education and are committed to delivering the best learning experience to our students. Our goal is to achieve maximum selections in NEET and JEE Main and Advanced, and we are confident that our efforts will bear fruit in the years to come.

We warmly welcome you to be a part of the Motion Education family and embark on a journey of learning and success.

Warm regards,
Mukul Goyal
Director, Motion Education Chandigarh